Philips Obsessed with Sound - Tribal DDB Amsterdam Launches Unique Interactive Music Video

Philips Obsessed with Sound: Tribal DDB Amsterdam Launches Unique Interactive Music Video

Tribal DDB Amsterdam launched Obsessed with Sound, a new interactive audiovisual online experience for Philips. The campaign, which promotes the quality of the Philips audio range, launched across 11 markets.

The website gives the audience a unique opportunity to see and hear the Grammy Award-winning Dutch Metropole orchestra as they perform a specifically composed orchestral piece. Throughout the performance, users can interactively single out any one of the 51 individual musicians to hear every detail of their musical contribution.

The premise of the Obsessed with Sound campaign is to hear every detail. So often, the nuances of sound and music get lost when listening on low-grade speakers. This Interactive Orchestra gives consumers a more tangible feel for the difference made by Philips' audio products.

Interactive Audio Experience
Philips collaborated with the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, famous for its non-classical approach. On the website users can watch the music video, directed by Rob Chiu (The Ronin), accompanied by the Interactive Orchestra. A click of the mouse will single out a user's musician of choice and isolate the specific track, giving a playful way to hear every detail throughout the composition.

The audience can also find out more about each musician, from their musical preferences to the precise number of music notes they play in the piece. Each musician also has a personal playlist with links to their personal blogs and twitter feeds.

"In music, every single detail matters. It's about the 2nd violinist, the triangle player, the double bassist, and the producer, all the 'unheard heroes'. It's the collaboration that brings brilliance to a piece of music," commented Chris Baylis, Executive Creative Director of Tribal DDB Amsterdam. "The challenge of the campaign was to have visitors experience every detail of the audio piece, to highlight each and every nuance of sound."

"From the beginning to the end, we looked at how far we could delve into the details of the design," added Bart Mol, Art Director for Tribal DDB Amsterdam. "The challenge was to show a music video and visualise every musician in the entire orchestra. Every musician now is represented as a dot showing the height of every note being played at that time. Click one of the dots and you single out one musician from the whole orchestra, giving you a playful way to hear every detail in the piece."

The whole experience is accessible via Facebook along with trailers, behind-the-scenes footage and product information about the Philips sound range.

Alongside this campaign, Philips also launched the 'Obsessed with Sound' music competition - a search for the best sound. Entrants are challenged to make their own composition, in whichever style they choose, and submit it through Soundcloud.

The jury, consisting of Steve Lillywhite (Obsessed with sound ambassador and ex-producer of the Talking heads), Benjamin Herman (front man of the New Cool Collective) and the Metropole Orchestra will then select the most promising entrant. The competition will close at the end of October and the winner will then be announced. The winning track will be arranged by the composer of the Metropole Orchestra to be played by the 51 musicians and recorded with an accompanying music video.

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