Vattenfall Unveils World's First Fossil Free Crib

Vattenfall Unveils World's First Fossil Free Crib

Vattenfall recently unveiled the world's first fossil-free crib to highlight the need to bring down the cost of fossil-free products for future generations. Created as a proof of concept, the crib was designed and created without any use of oil, gas or coal - and it cost $28,885 to make.

The crib is a conversation piece made to shine a light on the complexities of fossil-free manufacturing right now. The bedding has been hand-woven, the Texel-island wool used in the mattress was transported by sailboat, the wood was felled, sawn and dried using green electricity and even the logo uses the first steel in the world made with hydrogen - instead of cokes - which was transported by train and electric car.

The crib was conceived and developed by DDB Unlimited, with the aim of making Vattenfall's brand ambition for 'fossil-free living within one generation' tangible. And to make it clear that while this ambition is challenging, it is achievable - with cross-industry cooperation. Design and production were done by FROLIC studio.

"Designing and producing a fossil-free product was more challenging than we could ever imagine. But also, one of the most rewarding journeys we've ever undertaken," stated Maarten Vrouwes, Executive Creative Director at DDB Unlimited. "The end result is a beautiful combination of cutting edge innovation and the skills and crafts of our ancestors."

"What this crib demonstrates is the challenge for the coming years in getting these types of processes scalable and affordable," commented Cindy Kroon of Vattenfall. "And that we have to do this together. We are of course an energy company, not a furniture manufacturer, but we do want to take a broader perspective and seek cooperation to help industry and the transport sector in becoming fossil-free."

DDB Unlimited