APDF Exchange - Monetizing IP

APDF Exchange: Monetizing IP

The next APDF Exchange in Chicago will focus on protecting and monetizing intellectual property & creating alternative revenue streams for your firm by capitalizing on IP.

As designers and consultants, we create things and what we create is IP. Understanding what IP is legally, who owns it, how to protect it, and its ultimate commercial value, enables us to exploit its full income potential.

Business doesn't have to be the way it was in the past with clients owning everything. Engagements can be structured in ways so that clients get only the rights they need while the designer retains ownership and the ability to derive other revenue.

Consider licensing strategies that parse rights and limitations as well as setting up creative revenue/royalty arrangements. Think about other ways to profit from your creative output.

The event will help get you started by sharing some real-world examples on how firms have created additional revenue streams.

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