Design Management News

  1. 2017 dmi:Design Value Awards

    2017 dmi:Design Value Awards

    Submissions for the 2017 dmi:Design Value Awards are now open. The Awards are distinctive in that they recognize the value of design as a strategic asset, honoring teams that have delivered significant value through design or design management practices expressed as positive financial gain, value to the user/customer, advances in process, improvements in organizational capability or culture, and positive impact on social issues / environmental sustainability.

  2. Tim Brown - Leading for Creativity

    Tim Brown: Leading for Creativity

    Leading for Creativity is the second online course presented by the unique partnership between the Innovation Enterprise Academy & IDEO U. From May 18 - June 15, IDEO's CEO, Tim Brown will deliver the course to show you approaches that empower individuals and teams to search for innovative solutions. You'll learn how to break down a bold vision into actionable challenges; make adjustments to culture by designing rituals and space, and guide teams into the unknown through the process of experimentation.