Best in Shows for the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards

Best in Shows for the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) unveiled the Best in Shows for the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) at its annual international conference in New Orleans. Bespoke Fairings, Boeing Dreamliner 787 and Windows Phone 7 each claimed a Best in Show nod.

Designed by Scott Summit and Chris Campbell of Bespoke Innovations, Bespoke Fairings is an assembly of up to 30 manufactured pieces that restores symmetry and natural contours to an amputee's body. The process starts with a 3-D scan of the surviving leg. With input from the amputee, the parts are customized from an assortment of colors, materials and finish options. Once applied to existing prosthetic limbs, the fairing communicates the users' sense of style and taste, allowing them to connect with the artificial limb in a personal and emotional way.

Designed by The Boeing Co. design team and Teague's design team, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner features an expansive inner architecture as well as dynamic LED lighting that replicates day-to-night light patterns, dimmable windows 65 percent larger than other airplanes and larger stow bins. It has been one of the most successful commercial airplane launches with more than 800 orders valued at $164 billion.

Designed by Microsoft's Windows phone design team, the Windows Phone 7 brings a new experience to the smartphone market, one that connects with end users and makes the phone a recognizable brand that users take interest in. The designers sought a better user experience, one that revolves around who the users are rather than what they do.

"While vastly different products, all three of this year's Best in Show designs excelled in improving the human experience with a technology product," said IDSA's CEO Clive Roux. "The Windows 7 Phone improves on the iPhone interface; the Boeing 787 improves the experience of flying through a combination of larger windows, improved cabin pressure stability and careful attention to lighting to ease transitions between time zones. The Bespoke Fairing speaks for itself. It humanizes and adds sensitivity to a prosthetic unlike any I've seen before."

"The three Best in Shows demonstrated that great design begins and ends with a deep understanding of people's innermost needs and desires with a responsibility to society," said Smart Design's CEO Davin Stowell. "When designers are successful at this, it creates tremendous economic value and makes life and the world a better place."

In addition to winning a Best in Show, Windows Phone 7 took home the People's Choice Award. The Hydropack Self-Hydrating Drink Pouch received the Curator's Choice Award, which was given by The Henry Ford.

For the first time IDSA honored 12 products with a Responsibility Award:
Bespoke Fairings demonstrates responsibility and an appreciation of the human right to dignity and self-esteem.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner reduces waste, improves fuel efficiency and restores the majesty of flight for human passengers.
Chilote House Shoes created in ways that aid communities and avoid offending the Earth.
Daktari CD4 HIV Diagnostic Instrument brings life-saving diagnostics to remote regions.
Hydropack Self-Hydrating Drink Pouch Emergency Water Filter provides clean water to victims of natural and manmade disasters.
MIT Global Challenge is a platform for students and faculty to collaborate with others to solve the world's most challenging problems.
Modern Glass Water Bottle provides a better alternative to bottled water.
Preserve Mail Back Pack Toothbrush provides an end-to-end recycling solution.
Prism low-impact street lamps create a stronger sense of security at night.
PUMA Clever Little Bag eliminates the need for a retail plastic bag.
Simple Shoes Toddler's Doodle uses materials and processes in a responsible way.
Splash! How Good Water Works is an interactive exhibition that promotes responsible use of one of our most important resource.

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