GE Healthcare Wins Three IDEA Awards for Medical and Scientific Products

GE Healthcare Wins Three IDEA Awards for Medical and Scientific Products

GE Healthcare has received three International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), one for its latest Interventional X-ray system, the Discovery IGS 730, and two concepts related to Mammography & MR.

"At GE Healthcare, our design teams have long been focused on developing solutions that push the limits of innovation in imaging, while providing design and functionality that enables our customers to do provide more efficient, better care on a daily basis," commented Francois Lenfant, Global Design Manager, GE Healthcare. "It is an honor to be recognized by the IDSA for our groundbreaking developments aimed at providing better care to more individuals around the world."

The Discovery IGS 730 is a first-of-its kind solution in imaging, as it is neither floor- nor ceiling-mounted, but enables full patient access without the need to suspend the system above the patient. It has the mobility of a C-arm with the power and image quality of a fixed system.

This laser-guided, motorized mobile gantry creates an interventional environment without boundaries. It allows complete access to the patient and unlimited parking capability, while creating sterility for a flexible and secure OR environment. The unique gantry comes with a new wide bore design, which allows for steep angles, ease in 3D acquisition, especially for large patients.

The Cocoon Open MRI Chair concept is dedicated to spinal exams, focusing on the anatomy of the vertebrae, the disks, the spinal cord and the spaces between the vertebrae. Its design redefines the spine exam, increasing patient comfort and decreasing patient fear. The design uses a shell metaphor, which is associated with a cocoon and provides a welcoming, nonthreatening feeling when patients enter the exam room.

The Cocoon Open MRI Chair is helpful for examining patients who are fearful of being in a closed space. The system's reduced footprint is more welcoming to patients; the chair configuration further reduces the perception of mass, so patients will think in terms of space instead of volume. Once patients are placed in the chair, an interior light and openings on each side of the patient provide a safe and open feeling. A video can be projected onto an adjustable, transparent glass to occupy patients during the exam. By reducing patient anxiety, physicians don't need to prescribe mild sedatives.

The decreased volume of the Cocoon Open MRI Chair concept gives clinicians better access. Being able to position the system in the middle of the room provides more flexibility during the workflow. The user interface, a tablet PC, can be placed on the left or right side of the opening, optimizing the clinician's access to information. Locating the interface so close to the opening also allows clinicians to focus more of their attention on the patient during the preparation of the exam.

Senocase Mobile Mammography Concept 01

The Senocase Mobile Mammography Concept makes it easier and more convenient for women to be screened. Senocase is easily transported by a clinician; it can even be placed in the trunk of a car. To install the system on site, the operator opens the suitcase, unfurls the device and plugs in the X-ray tube and the breast support. The data are sent to a remote reading center for post-examination review.

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