Indonesian Hip Hop's Global Debut in Latest Intel Visibly Smart Film

Indonesian Hip Hop's Global Debut in Latest Intel Visibly Smart Film

Amsterdam Worldwide launched "Jogja Hip Hop Foundation" - the fourth instalment in a series of internationally acclaimed profile films for global technology brand Intel. The new film follows previous profile shorts including 'Batik Fractal', 'The Sartorialist' and 'Kitty & Lala', which have attracted more than 12 million views across 198 countries since January 2011.

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation is a look at modern Indonesia's local hip hop movement, an intriguing fusion of Western youth culture and Indo cultural traditions. As with Amsterdam Worldwide's other films, Jogja Hip Hop Foundation is part of Intel's Visibly Smart campaign, designed to highlight the brand's 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor family.

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation presents Indonesia through the eyes of its young, urban, music generation. Founded by Marzuki Mohamad, aka Kill the DJ, the crew are leading the resurgence of hip hop in modern Indonesia by putting a unique local spin on it. Featuring lyrics inspired by 18th century Javanese poetry, Jogja Hip Hop Foundation (JHF) tracks mix hip hop beats with traditional Indonesian music. The crew's goal is to "share their music with everyone" to make Indonesia's young generation proud of their country.

To date, the JHF have taken their message across the globe, touring the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Singapore. The crew received special recognition from the Sultan of Jogjakarta for their hip hop anthem 'Jogja Istimewa,' which is shown in the film.

Amsterdam Worldwide's short opens with traditional Indonesian gamelan music, which quickly evolves into modern hip hop. The Jogja Hip Hop Foundation then introduce themselves, their work and the city of Jogjakarta, a bustling Indonesian metropolis and renowned cultural hotspot. The crew are pictured in various settings throughout Jogjakarta talking about their inspiration and how they create their music. The film then shows the crew jamming with gamelan musicians and Wayang Kulit (shadow) puppeteers, creating music videos, culminating in a public performance at a block party.

The cinematography portrays an urban, no-nonsense generation inspired by technology and freed by it to create their own music to share with the world, without pressure from producers and record labels.

"Jogja Hip Hop Foundation and their music are truly inspiring not only for the young generation of Indonesia, but for young people over the world, striving for their passions," said Brian Elliott, founder and chief executive of Amsterdam Worldwide. "They are also great ambassadors to the power of technology to give artists everywhere freedom of expression."

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