Amsterdam Worldwide Launches NightTag for Olmeca Tequila

Amsterdam Worldwide Launches NightTag for Olmeca Tequila

Amsterdam Worldwide has recently unveiled a new phase of its Olmeca Tequila strategy with the launch of a new digital platform for the Pernod Ricard brand.

NightTag is the world's first social music app, designed to help people capture their nightlife experience in one place. It combines images of the night, with the music that is being listened to, in the place where it is playing - and posts it all onto a user's Facebook Timeline.

NightTag allows users to take a photo, while its music-recognition software identifies the song playing and the smartphone's GPS pinpoints the location. NightTag then posts all three elements onto the user's Facebook Timeline in one, cohesive NightTag photo post.

The app's Listings page highlights the top dance nights in selected countries and a Streaming page helps users discover and share new music through Facebook. Bitesize NightTags appear in the Ticker feed while an aggregated post can present an entire evening of NightTags.

Amsterdam Worldwide has built NightTag to also act as a portal into electronic music. The Streaming page hosts electronic music radio channels, including international dance DJ, Ferry Corsten's weekly Countdown podcast. Amsterdam Worldwide worked with Corsten and Olmeca in 2011 to launch BE THE DJ, an international search for talented young DJs.

The Listings page, available in selected countries, is an invaluable resource for nightlife fans. Scroll to the desired date and search dance music events and gigs by venue - or on the map to find the nearest hotspot.

"NightTag is anything but another branded app. This is a place for stories to be told. A late night social lubricant that is useful, entertaining, relevant and supports Olmeca Tequila's brand in a longer lasting way than any ad impression," commented Brian Elliott, founder and CEO of Amsterdam Worldwide. "NightTag helps Olmeca get closer to consumers via mobile technology that enables nightlife lovers to tell Olmeca's story across multiple media. This is a brand platform for the future."

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