The Compleat Cup - Proverb Helps Reinvent the Coffee Cup

The Compleat Cup: Proverb Helps Reinvent the Coffee Cup

Architect Peter Herman and Daren Bascome, founder / managing director of the brand strategy firm Proverb have teamed up to reinvent the coffee cup. The new design, called The Compleat Cup, is an asymmetrical cup that is formed by folding, which eliminates the lid entirely.

Inspired by environmental concerns, Mr. Herman created the origami-like Compleat as a green alternative to cups with petroleum-based plastic lids. Proverb and Mr. Bascome helped refine the design to create three panels including one that becomes a messaging surface.

According to Mr. Bascome, the design of the cup is revolutionary, "If you make a cup that costs less and also helps the environment... well, that's a powerful synergy."

Additional advantages of Compleat include single-stream manufacturing, reduced shipping rates and reduced storage and inventory as well as a reduction in environmental impact.