BDI Supports Design Commission's Call for a National Innovation Policy

BDI Supports Design Commission's Call for a National Innovation Policy

British Design Innovation (BDI) has voiced its support for today's call by the Design Commission for the creation of a national innovation policy in the UK that recognises the value of design to business and the economy. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, economist Vicky Pryce revealed that the Design Commission is calling for government recognition of the value of design to the UK and the formation of a national design strategy.

The Design Commission is composed of parliamentarians from all parties and leading representatives from business, industry and the public sector. Its purpose is to explore how design can drive economic and social improvement, and how government and business can better understand the importance of design.

Vicky Pryce is senior managing director (economics) at FTI Consulting, and a former director general, economics, at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. She has also served on the Council of The Royal Economic Society. Citing the success of the Apple iMac and iPhone designed by Jonathan Ive (who previously worked for BDI member Tangerine), she said that engineering alone cannot realise the commercial value of a product.

The Design Commission's announcement follows BDI's recent call for more collaboration between engineers and Industrial Designers in the UK. The creation of a national innovation policy that recognises the value of design was approved at the inaugural Design Council Forum on December 1, which brought together policymakers, designers and business leaders to debate and approve the creation of a UK Design Strategy.

"BDI supports the need for a national policy because there is still essential work to be done," said BDI chairman Gus Desbarats. "National bodies such as ourselves have a key role to play in the policy creation process in order to ensure that it is properly informed by the professional experience and success of the UK design sector.

In that regard BDI will continue to clarify the value proposition of Industrial Design using clear and rational arguments that non-designers and design professionals alike can respect and appreciate."