RIBA Building Futures Launches Think Pieces - How Will Architects Be Educated in 20 Years Time?

RIBA Building Futures Launches Think Pieces: How Will Architects Be Educated in 20 Years Time?

Building Futures, the think tank of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has today launched Think Pieces, a series of articles in which key experts and innovators from across the built environment industry are invited to share their personal viewpoints on the future of urban areas and the factors that influence their development.

The inaugural topic for 'Think Pieces' is titled 'How Will Architects be Educated in 20 years time' and follows up on the some of the issues raised by Building Futures report 'The Future for Architects?' released last year.

The first set of think pieces looks at what the architect might need to become in 20 years time, and the implications for education. They envisage a world where spatial agents are educated to bespoke requirements, where the notion of the 'profession' has evolved to embrace pan-professional collaboration and research, or where specific specialisms are nurtured and fortified with business expertise.

"We are pleased that once again Building Futures is asking some of the challenging, thought provoking and often controversial key questions about the future of architecture and the profession," commented Anna Scott-Marshall, RIBA Head of External Affairs. "One of the main benefits of these 'Think Pieces' and the futures cohorts that will follow, is that everyone is invited and offered the opportunity to challenge, comment and debate on the issues that are being addressed."