David Kester to Leave the Design Council

David Kester to Leave the Design Council

After nine years as Chief Executive of the Design Council, David Kester has announced that he will be leaving the Design Council at the end of June 2012. Until then, he will focus on major policy projects and special events. In view of this he will transfer the day to day running of the organisation to Madeline Denmead, the COO, until a successor is found. David will also support the Chairman, Martin Temple to appoint his successor.

"I have had an amazing time at the Design Council and am hugely proud of the talented team I have worked with and what we have achieved together," Kester said.

"Over the years it has been very fulfilling to see the programmes we have developed - such as our business coaching services and innovation challenges going from strength to strength and making a difference in industry and within the public sector.

The last eighteen months have been some of the most demanding and also rewarding as we have re-launched ourselves as an independent charity, merged with the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE), and most importantly, delivered so many great projects up and down the UK.

My initial plans are to take a holiday in the Summer. I have been lucky to have been offered some short projects in business to keep me occupied while I think about what I will do next."

"David has helped place design at the very heart of public policy. He has been an inspiring advocate for design and a highly successful Chief Executive for the Design Council," comented Martin Temple. "Thanks to his leadership and determination the Design Council has survived and thrived and so has its ground-breaking work with industry, public services and the planning system. I have asked David to work with me on the appointment of his successor. I am delighted he has agreed."

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