Beyond Design Welcomes Back TJ Kim as Director of NPD

Beyond Design Welcomes Back TJ Kim as Director of NPD

Beyond Design added TJ Kim to its roster as Director of New Product Development (NPD). Kim will lead the firm's expanding strategic design team.

Kim worked at Beyond Design from 2000-2011 and moved to Atlanta in the spring of 2011. He and his family recently decided to move back to Chicago and Kim chose to rejoin the Beyond Design team. TJ has extensive experience with all aspects of the product development process. His design expertise will further enhance Beyond Design's ability to create meaningful design solutions through design research, strategy, and branding.

"TJ has returned to BDI with a wealth of new knowledge and enthusiasm for strategic planning and product development," said Michael Prince, president of Beyond Design. "With his addition to our team we are all in-sync and anxious to excel in new processes and innovation. TJ's time away from BDI has enabled him to grow as a designer and we welcome his guidance over the years to come."

Having worked over twelve years in both corporate and consulting environments, TJ has had the opportunity to learn many aspects of design strategy and process. He combines creative ideas and artistic skills with a practical knowledge of manufacturing and marketing strategy to generate an enhanced user experience through design. Over the years, he has worked on products for many industry leading companies including Motorola, Sony, LG, Swingline, Wilson, Trane, and Remington.

Kim has also been involved with various universities in the US and Korea teaching as an adjunct professor and giving lectures, including Northwestern University, UIC and Hongik University in Seoul. TJ's design philosophy is focused on leading the strategic design process through user centered design and he has educated both designers and non-designers on design thinking and process.

"I am really excited to be back at Beyond Design and have the opportunity to work with many creative people with multiple talents," said Kim. "The firm delivers complete support and solutions for businesses, from research and strategy, to industrial design, engineering, and branding. In today's world, design is not only limited to developing beautiful and attractive objects; it is also about developing more meaningful and desirable experiences. It is not an end process in product development, but rather an initial strategy in both product and business development. I look forward to helping expand and strengthen the strategic design process at Beyond Design, which I helped plan and execute with the BDI team a few years ago."

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