AMA Completes Interior Fit-out of W Communications' London Office

AMA Completes Interior Fit-out of W Communications' London Office

Andy Martin Architects (AMA) has recently completed the interior fit-out for W Communications London office. Founded in 2009, W Communications is a boutique PR agency based in central London which offers strategic communications campaigns for a wide range of both commercial and private clients.

AMA was commissioned in January 2012 to design their new offices, with a brief to create a relaxed and open environment while focusing on accentuating the company's visual brand and attitude towards present social lifestyles. AMA chose to use the existing logo as a starting point which evolved into the overall concept.

AMA began by taking the flag shaped overlaid logo and replicated this in 32000 pre-cut and dyed paper flags hanging from the ceiling on a rotating grid. Using five subtle variants of yellow these run throughout the whole ceiling fading from light yellow to a dark yellow. Creating an organic, almost petal-like environment that softens the harsh and functional office layout. The flag shape is reinforced again in the yellow vinyl floor finishes and in the fitted furniture of the public reception and again reinforced and abstracted with a mirrored wall.

The intervention has created a calming environment with the gently moving ceiling throughout the workday.

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