Thonet Concept Bike by Andy Martin Studio

Thonet Concept Bike by Andy Martin Studio

Andy Martin Studio has designed a concept road bicycle for Thonet using their steam bending process developed in the 1930s.

"The challenge was to take on fairly low tech process of steam bending and then apply it to a 21st century bicycle with highly complex engineering," Andy commented.

With the many restrictions of hand bending the beech frame the final jointing and contours would be cut and adjusted on a CNC machine. Andy Martin has also developed a series of connectors and sprung rods to reinforce joints and the major stress areas in the frame.

The bike itself is a fixed wheel, which is the tradition of cycling; one has a greater connection to the bike and the surface one rides on. The bike comes with no brakes and has several interchangeable gear ratios. The seat is solid beech wood supported on a sprung rod supports. The wheels, not designed by Andy, are carbon fibre HED H3's.

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