Punkt. Launches the ES 01

Punkt. Launches the ES 01

Punkt. has launched ES 01, an original extension socket designed by Georges Moanack under the art direction of Jasper Morrison, at Maison et Objet.

The ES 01 has been designed to tackle a ubiquitous lifestyle problem: cable clutter. The ES 01 plugs 5 sockets and is available in a range of versions to comply with the different power supply standards of a wide selection of countries.

All of your cables and plugs converge neatly in the ES 01 extension socket, tucked away under its sleek rounded lid. Convert cable chaos into a clean design feature for the home or office.

Inside the ES 01 the sockets are positioned to accommodate power supplies that normally cover two or three sockets, enabling you to power plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes. In the event of a power overload the resettable fuse immediately cuts the circuit, automatically protecting your appliances. To start up again simply press the fuse reset button on the base.


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