Punkt. Launches MP 02

Punkt. Launches MP 02

Punkt. has launched its second mobile phone, MP 02. Designed by Jasper Morrison, MP 02 features great ergonomics with excellent audio quality - and unlike smartphones it won't pester you with notifications during a conversation.

"I wanted to create a primary phone that sits above all of my digital devices, a kind of gatekeeper," explained Punkt.'s founder Petter Neby. "If anyone wants to talk to me, they can give me a call. Other forms of communication, for example email or social media, are available when I want to receive them and decide to make use of the 4G based tethering. That way, I get to choose. The wonders of digital communication remain available, but as something to dip into when the time is right. The focus is on voice communications - still often the best way to keep in touch."

The MP 02 is designed to be used together with a tablet, giving the user an adequately-sized screen for writing texts, viewing websites, using maps, etc. Two separate devices that each do their job well, rather than a single 'jack of all trades, master of none' that's only really good at one thing: distraction.

"The MP 02 builds on the paradigm shift of its revolutionary predecessor. From components to aesthetics, it's an entirely new product inside and out - with a particularly striking contextual user interface," Jasper Morrison Office for Design stated. "The addition of a select number of extra features means that, in conjunction with a tablet or laptop, it is now set to appeal to a substantially greater number of people."

Photos: Courtesy of Punkt.


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