Why Design - Herman Miller Launches New Series

Why Design: Herman Miller Launches New Series

Herman Miller launched Why Design, a new series featuring 8 designers from around the world who share their perspective on design and seeing the world through their eyes.

Each Monday morning, through October 29th, Herman Miller will launch a new designer profile at Why Design. Accompanying each video is a series of candid photographs from the designers' daily lives, offering a glimpse into their world and thought processes, and a profile of their design work for Herman Miller and beyond.

Why Design Episodes

9.10.12 - Yves Behar - "Surfing Is Like Improvisational Jazz"
9.17.12 - Don Chadwick - "The Camera Becomes an Extension of Your Eyes"
9.24.12 - Ayse Birsel - "Your Life Is Your Most Important Project"
10.1.12 - Irving Harper - "Paper Is a Versatile Medium"
10.8.12 - Gianfranco Zaccai - "Great Food Should Be Like Great Design"
10.15.12 - Studio 7.5 - "Design by Its Nature Is Collaborative"
10.22.12 - Steve Frykholm - "It's the Breaks That Allow My Mind to Refresh"
10.29.12 - Sam Hecht + Kim Colin - "We Need Contrast and Tension to Be Able to Create"

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