Frost's Chinatown Kiosk Wins NSW Architecture Awards 2012

Frost's Chinatown Kiosk Wins NSW Architecture Awards 2012

Frost* Design has recently won a 2012 NSW Architecture Award in Small Project Architecture category for Chinatown Kiosk, Sydney.

Frost* was the lead consultant in the creation of the Information Kiosk in an existing pagoda in Sydney's Chinatown. The sliding semi-circle of glass screens open to reveal a hot red interior that houses a wall of shelving for brochures, pamphlets and tourist information by day; the Kiosk is then transformed into a glowing lantern to delight and revitalise the Goulburn Street end of the Dixon Street mall at night.

Frost* Design worked with the City of Sydney and a group of consultants to ensure that the design had longevity and also resonated with the community.

Pamela Mei-Leng See, an artist specialising in paper cut works, was engaged to create a design for the 6 x 230kg curved walls that encased the Kiosk. The paper-cuts represent the residual chrysanthemum flowers in a ceramic vessel after the tea has been steeped and poured. In addition to the symbolism of making a tea reading for good fortune, the ceramic pattern underneath the flowers is intended to bring prosperity (fish) and longevity (stork). The paper-cuts were scaled and translated onto the glazed walls. At night the pattern is backlit by 4,000 hand placed LED lights creating a mesmerising glowing beacon.

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