Design Your Life - International Creative Luminary Launches Lifestyle Book Via Penguin

Design Your Life: International Creative Luminary Launches Lifestyle Book Via Penguin

Vince Frost, the Executive Creative Director and CEO of independent creative company Frost* collective, has unveiled his new design-inspired lifestyle and self-help book, Design Your Life. Frost has drawn on his personal life and a 25 year career as a design professional, to reveal a range of insights into how design principles can be utilized to improve every aspect of our lives.

"You don't have to be a designer to design your life. But it doesn't hurt to have some help" said Frost. "If my design process brings value to me, perhaps it can bring value to others. Or, more radically, bring others to recognize their own value."

Design Your Life covers Frost's 15 simple, but solid principles that can be used to make personal change for the better, as well as interviews with a range of experts, influencers and collaborators, including; OzHarvest's Ronni Kahn; Professor Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School; trend forecaster and CEO of The Future Laboratory and LSNGlobal, Chris Sanderson; Editor of Wired magazine, Scott Dadich; hotelier and entrepreneur, Justin Hemmes; Australian Kiteboarding champion, Ewen Jaspen; productivity consultant, David Allen; and head of Workplace at Lend Lease, Natalie Slessor.

"This book will not solve your problems. You have to do that yourself. But this book will inspire you to work better at living better," Frost added.

The 240-page consumer title will launch on October 22.

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