The Parlour - JHP Creates a One of a Kind Store Concept

The Parlour: JHP Creates a One of a Kind Store Concept

The Parlour, set in the basement of the fabulous headquarters of SPC Corporation, South Korea's largest restaurant chain operator, is a 'one-of-a-kind' restaurant that has become the place to be seen amongst Seoul's fashionista set and business high flyers.

It was born from an idea which developed between with client and JHP, and was established in response to the fact that in Korea there is no equivalent of a 'tea-room.' JHP were charged with bring the whole experience to life. The design agency developed it name, its identity, graphics and photographic suite, the store concept, its visual merchandising, uniforms, menus, packaging, and service style.

Profoundly orientated towards women, this all-day bite size boutique operates as a light coffee stop in the morning, a destination for lunch, serves canapes and cakes during the afternoon tea slot, and culminates in a venue for champagne, cocktails and desserts at night.

The restaurant's interior is unashamedly glamorous, incredibly luxurious, refined and elegant. The customer's coat taken at the reception table and the interior is designed around a sequence of seated spaces and snugs to accommodate varying groups of customers and needs of its clientele.

Beautiful glass chandeliers hang from the ceiling, marble is used for the flooring, and marble-polished plaster cover the walls.

"The entire experience of The Parlour is based around fashion. Creating extraordinary food is what SPC Group excels at so bringing these two elements together was very exciting prospect for us," commented Steve Collis, Managing Director of JHP. "Since opening we have seen the store being used for new fashion and product launches, as a glamorous meeting venue, or for night caps. And that is exactly what we set out to achieve."

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