Laufer and Keichel Designs 330 Chair Series for Thonet

Laufer + Keichel Designs 330 Chair Series for Thonet

Thonet has recently commissioned Berlin-based industrial designer duo Julia Laufer and Marcus Keichel to design the 330 product family.

The inspiration behind this new chair series came from the ambience of artists' studios, theatre stages and literary cafes - spaces where idealistic values play the main role and where usually only a few simple and beautiful objects are on display. The new series brings together both the simplicity of straight lines and a distinctive look defined by modern, timeless elegance.

The 330 Chair series is characterized by a simple and timeless design language featuring distinctive shapes, straight lines and ergonomically shaped seats and backrests for maximum comfort. Organic curves break up the rigidity of straight lines and create a harmonious overall look underlined by well-balanced proportions and meticulous detailing.

"In spaces devoted to culture, material things retreat into the background", explained Marcus Keichel. With its reduced forms and high-quality finish the 330 is a true all-rounder. "In this series, nothing needs to be added and nothing must be taken away."

The chairs are available both with and without armrests. The legs and armrests are made of solid beech; seats and backrests are made of plywood. The chairs come with a natural or stained finish or with a top-coat varnish and all designs are stackable.

Laufer + Keichel

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