Pearlfisher Designs the Brand Identity for Better Food Foundation

Pearlfisher Designs the Brand Identity for Better Food Foundation

Pearlfisher has recently defined and created the strategy, name, tone of voice and iconic brand identity for Jamie Oliver's Better Food Foundation.

The Better Food Foundation is not just a charity. Motivated by the shocking truth of how much disease and ultimately death can be attributed to bad diets, it is the voice of a global movement determined to change the way people eat. By drawing attention to the matter and helping people change their ways, the Better Food Foundation is fighting for a world where people eat better, are healthier, live longer and feel happier.

Pearlfisher have worked with Jamie Oliver to make the facts simple and the path to change easy, enjoyable and empowering. This required a clear yet versatile tone of voice, spreading the right messages at the right time to many different audiences. The tone of voice is flexible and inclusive yet definitive in its purpose, helping people work together to promote a new way of eating.

The brand identity needed to work in the same way, establishing itself as an immediate and timeless beacon for positive change and able to exist across unlimited touch points. It is a bold, proud stamp of intent.

"We created an identity that could champion this important global fight. The megaphone icon is a universal call to action explicitly asking people to pay attention and be part of it," commented Natalie Chung, Creative Director of Pearlfisher. "The use of strong, vibrant colours conveys the energy and passion of the people involved and reflects Jamie Oliver's own relentless commitment and focus on the cause. This is an identity that needs to be acknowledged at both a grassroots and corporate level. Therefore the identity is both serious and accessible, bold, celebratory, confident and inclusive."