Alter Ego - jumP Takes Over London for H&M

Alter Ego: jumP Takes Over London for H&M

Luis Moreno teamed up with RAF Films director Jonas Akerlund on a short film for H&M starring actor Joel Kinnaman.

Alter Ego is a gritty exploration of one man's identity on the stormy streets of London. Following the man from the moment he hails a cab on the eerily vacant streets, Luis weaves Akerlund's varied footage into a captivating, slightly schizophrenic tale. A driving, philosophical narrative exploring themes of attraction, memory and emotion blends effortlessly with myriad images of the London streetscape and the countless versions of himself that the man spies out the window.

Moreno brings the story to a conclusion with the hero walking boldly toward the horizon as the narrative wraps: "Whoever you want to be, you can just be yourself."