Electro - Webb deVlam Designs Inspirational Packaging for Bombay Sapphire

Electro: Webb deVlam Designs Inspirational Packaging for Bombay Sapphire

Webb deVlam has recently designed a limited edition gift pack for Bombay Sapphire. Electro uses electroluminescent ink to create the remarkable effect that lights up the pack to suggest a fountain.

Electro was created with the help of German packaging manufacturer Karl Knauer and carries forward Bombay Sapphire's brand philosophy of Infused With Imagination. The original illustration was the vision of Yehrin Tong and has been a consistent motif in the campaign which was first unveiled in April 2011.

Webb deVlam envisaged a celebratory pack for the run-up to Christmas and electroluminescence provided the desired effect. Electroluminescent ink was used to reproduce Tong's illustration. The current is conducted from the battery on the base of the pack which uses a hidden mechanical switch to activate it. When the package is picked up, the current runs through the various pathways illuminating them sequentially thereby creating a cascading effect. Each cycle of animation is 18 seconds long at which point the sequence stops until activated again.

"This is a first in the packaging market and Webb deVlam are proud to have brought the project to fruition," commented Dominic Burke, Creative Director, Webb deVlam. "We aim to keep raising the bar with each design in this range by using both our expertise and deep understanding of Bombay Sapphire's core values."

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