Webb deVlam Creates Clever, Useful and Adaptable New Packs for Westland

Webb deVlam Creates Clever, Useful and Adaptable New Packs for Westland

Webb deVlam has recently designed new packaging for Westland lawncare product range. Webb deVlam devised an inter-changeable handle with an integrated spreading chute that latches onto the lightweight canister and then flips open to deliver a smooth and even flow of granules onto the lawn. It employs a dispersing ball device within the nozzle to achieve the perfect even spread of product. The handle is detachable, enabling it to be used with any of the 3 Aftercut lawn care products; when empty it is simply and easily replaced with any of the recyclable refill packs.

"There are established cues in the gardening maintenance sector, which cross reference with the DIY market," commented Tim Corvin, led the project for Webb deVlam. "We used our unique consumer insight techniques to gain a clear understanding of how we could improve the experience and effectiveness of how products in this sector are viewed and used. The key was to encourage and build confidence in using lawn treatments and eliminate some of the worries of inexperienced gardeners. Our design team identified and solved the users' concerns about applying too much or too little by creating the accurate spreader handle."

Webb deVlam drew on its experience working in the DIY sector to design the intuitive and ergonomic system. The pack communicates Westland's expertise, and its distinctive shelf presence will capture attention, guaranteeing that the brand resonates with the target consumer.

Slice Design was tasked with creating the new name and brand identity to communicate the superior delivery system of the new re-usable spreader.

Webb deVlam