Oishii Creative Designs Show Open and Graphics Package for A-List Listings

Oishii Creative Designs Show Open and Graphics Package for A-List Listings

Oishii Creative has recently designed the new show open and graphics package for "A-list Listings," an E! show that tours America's most desired dream homes, offering an up-close look at the extravagant designs and over-the-top amenities behind properties ranging from the "Home of the Future" to the "Over $40 Million" "Great Escapes" fantasy.

The fresh, clean, simple package elegantly evokes the architectural vocabulary of mid-century modern homes and design. The 3D-animated show open rolls out in a minimal graphic environment before evolving into a sleek, contemporary interior space with pops of color.

For the graphics package, E! turned to Oishii Creative with a two-fold agenda: convey a clear show identity that would stand on its own and set "A-list Listings" apart from traditional real estate TV programs; and secondly, set a visual tone that would stay true to the clean sophistication of the E! brand guidelines.

"Graphically, it was important that the package reflect the extravagance of the show's featured homes and provide a cohesive unity to the footage across each half-hour episode," commented Ismael Obregon, Oishii Creative President/Creative Director.

The challenge was figuring out how to best represent the idea of "real estate" using only graphics and no footage. Incidentally, Obregon says this challenge presented the most fun part of the job, as his team devised a design solution based on simple geometric shapes in order to best unite the package with the E! brand style; moreover, their design approach provided the foundation for the package look as a whole.

"Details of long flat walls and windows anchor the piece, while furniture and architectural elements provide creative accents," Obregon explained. "The open is very rhythmic, visually - animating these elements gives the piece a certain musicality. The long geometric shapes are the foundation, or the melody, while the furniture accents function like solos emerging out of the main melody."

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