August Trollback Wows TEDYouth with 3D-Animated Opening

August Trollback Wows TEDYouth with 3D-Animated Opening

August Trollback, an 8th grader at NEST+m, a K-12 school for gifted and talented students in New York City, and son of Trollback + Company (T+Co) Executive Creative Director Jakob Trollback, recently wowed TEDYouth attendees with his :30 animated opening. The day-long conference took place on November 17th at the Times Center in New York City, and was streamed live by TEDxYouth Day participants around the country and the world.

Trollback, 13, created what he calls, "a visual metaphor for the conference's 'carnival of ideas' theme," working with Adobe After Effects, Element 3D and Cinema 4D.

The 3D animation takes us on a voyage through a "solar system" constructed from the building blocks of life - an atom, molecule, DNA, and cell - before journeying through man's tools of scientific inquiry, such as a deconstructed timepiece and satellite, and ultimately resolving on the TEDYouth logo.

"We were blown away by August's visualization of our conference concept," noted Kelly Stoetzel, Content Director at TED and TEDYouth co-host. "He is an incredibly talented young filmmaker."

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