London Vauxhall - The Missing Link International Design Competition

London Vauxhall: The Missing Link International Design Competition

RIBA Competitions will launch a new competition in January 2013 that seeks design ideas to improve and enhance the public realm in Vauxhall, providing the 'Missing Link' between the New US Embassy Quarter and London's South Bank.

The competition is open to registered architects, landscape architects, urban designers and students of these disciplines worldwide.

"Vauxhall is changing fast and the public realm is critical. We want to create sustainable green links through the district and on to the river Thames," commented Chris Law, Public Realm and Development Director at Vauxhall One.

"We want to connect the New American Embassy to London's South Bank with new green and cultural trails, which tell the story of the area's rich and colourful past in the architectural and landscape language of the Twenty First Century. We're looking for creative design innovation."

The deadline for submissions is March 12, 2013.

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