Brandimage Creates HOP!'s Visual Identity

Brandimage Creates HOP!'s Visual Identity

Brandimage created the logo and the brand territory of HOP!, Air France's new low cost airline. Thanks to its uncluttered typography and its red color, the HOP! logo illustrates in a funny way the flexibility of the airline. The exclamation mark symbolizes the take-off of the plane and embodies HOP!'s spontaneity, action and mobility.

The writing is contemporary and expresses the efficiency and the simplicity of the airline. The poppy red is dynamic, energetic and shows the passion, the strength, the committment and the personality of HOP!.

Brandimage also created the elements of the graphic territory: a ladybird, that represents the brand in an affective way, on which there is a QR code refering to the website.

A colour chart symbolizes the large number of destinations, that we find near the price on advertisings.


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