Have No Fear - Pearlfisher Celebrates 20 Years of Ground-Breaking Design

Have No Fear: Pearlfisher Celebrates 20 Years of Ground-Breaking Design

Have No Fear is a collaborative work that has been designed, written and produced by Pearlfisher's studios in London and New York. The book is a celebration of graphic design and is made of 20 powerful beliefs that have defined Pearlfisher as an agency over the last 20 years.

With the design of each of the 20 beliefs brought to life through effective graphic ideas but limited to two bold simple typefaces and in black and white, 'Have No Fear' provides a window into Pearlfisher's culture as well as being a beautiful example of how a simple idea can be brought to life through design. Ultimately, the books theme is a powerful reminder to anyone with a desk job and a dream of the importance to be brave, to seek out and create the new, and to take risks along the way.

"People have many theories as to why Pearlfisher is special but the one thing that unites us all is Design," commented Jonathan Ford, founding partner and chief creative officer at Pearlfisher.

"Now, more than ever, the importance of great design in bettering lives everywhere cannot be underestimated. 'Have No Fear' is a celebration of Pearlfisher, but importantly it is also a manifesto that champions risk takers. Those that challenge, discover and dream - and in doing so create change that makes the world a better place."

The first limited edition run of 'Have No Fear' comes in a choice of four cover colours. For pre-ordering a copy please contact nellie at pearlfisher.com.