PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer Plug-Ins

PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer Plug-Ins

X-Rite has today released PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer plug-ins, allowing designers and brand owners instant access to essential brand color standards, as well as PantoneLIVE Color Libraries, directly from within their favorite Adobe Creative Suite.

PantoneLIVE is a color management service that is supported by an ecosystem of industry-leading solutions and that maintains digital color libraries to guarantee accurate color communication for any supplier around the world. Brand owners and other approved members of the supply chain can manage digital access rights and facilitate color communication across packaging materials from design to production - helping minimize color revisions, creating go-to-market efficiencies and ultimately lowering development costs.

"The new PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer plug-ins provide effortless integration of PantoneLIVE Color Libraries into the most commonly used designer tools," explained Dr. Sonia Megert, vice president of the Pantone Digital Business unit at X-Rite/Pantone. "Color production problems can often be traced back to a communication breakdown. Pantone's universal color language ensures everyone is communicating and referencing the right colors, as intended."

PantoneLIVE ColorBook employs a seamless color matching workflow within Adobe Illustrator software by giving designers easy access to brand-specific palettes stored in PantoneLIVE. The unique PantoneLIVE naming identity travels with the file through the supply chain to ensure consistent, achievable color definitions.

Combined, the new PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer plug-ins give designers and brand owners an enhanced experience that not only permits access to digital color libraries, but also lets them preview how colors will appear on various substrates for an early and realistic view of what is achievable in production. This allows users to make smarter decisions by eliminating costly review cycles and reducing the aggravation of trying to resolve unmet color expectations during production.

The PantoneLIVE ColorBook and Viewer plug-ins are available immediately in North America only.