BE OPEN at Milan Design Week 2013

BE OPEN at Milan Design Week 2013

This year, BE OPEN returns to Milan Design Week with three new design events - an installation by Christophe Pillet in the University's Cortile della Farmacia, a panel disucssion moderated by Philippe Daverio on the sensory future and a unique food experience at the Moroso showroom.

These events are a part of an extensive programme to research design for the five senses through innovative projects that reach out to the sixth sense, or intuition. The Foundation is committed to developing this concept, finding ways of connecting with people's intuitive responses through inventive combinations of the sensory and the technological, to create the ultimate in multi-sensory experiences.

"This is BE OPEN's second year at Milan's international Design Week, underlining its commitment to becoming a bridge between the great minds of our time - philosophers, sociologists, designers, architects, artists, publishers, writers, businessmen and opinion leaders - and the promising new minds of the next generation," commented Elena Baturina, Founder of BE OPEN.

BE OPEN's installation at the University is a part of Interni Magazine's Hybrid Architecture & Design project. BE OPEN's House of the Senses, an architectural installation by leading architect and designer Christophe Pillet, will be juxtaposed with Zang Tumb Tumb, a series of interactive design works by multidisciplinary practice Sfelab. Animating the XV century portico that surrounds the courtyard, Zang Tumb Tumb's technological interface will dialogue with Pillet's tactile, sensory work. Sfelab were the winners of the BE OPEN Design Competition, a platform for young talent.

The House of the Senses is a contemplative pavilion located in the center of Cortile Farmacia and integrated with the existing geometry of the formal garden. Made entirely of wood with a brushed finish and dyed black anthracite, the pavilion stands on a circular platform. Plants cover the rectangular, flat roof. The three walls of the pavilion are screens for moving images created by Studio Azzurro. Floor and ceiling are made from a special reflective material that enhances the impressionist effect of the space, endlessly reflecting the images that are projected onto the walls. Six tall, slim trees rise through the roof and become the heart of the installation, bringing nature into contact with the screen technology. Visitors will be drawn by the pulse of films streamed onto the pavilion and by Sfelab's interactive performances in the surrounding colonnade, all geared towards investigating how technology can enhance sensual experience.

Prominent creatives, sociologists and entrepreneurs, such as innovation guru John Thackara, star chef Davide Oldani, global designer Christophe Pillet and the others, will share their thoughts about the sensory future in the BE OPEN Talk Senses and Tastes - a panel discussion moderated by critic Philippe Daverio at the Aula di Rappresentanza at Statale University.

The Fuorisalone will also be the setting for the launch of the BE OPEN Food Theatre at the Moroso showroom, a brand new element of the foundation's sensory programme. On April 9, BE OPEN will host a unique event focusing on the sense of taste, with an innovative food experience at Moroso's showroom in via Pontaccio. Using Kvadrat's textiles and Moroso's furniture, celebrated designer Patricia Urquiola will create a 'stage' for Italian Massimiliano Alajmo, the world's youngest chef to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars and the Danish duo I'm a Kombo, in which they will create sensory themed food.