Lee Broom Designs New Christian Louboutin Store at Harrods

Lee Broom Designs New Christian Louboutin Store at Harrods

Lee Broom has recently designed the new Christian Louboutin store at Harrods, London.

"It has been an honour to design the new store for Christian Louboutin in Harrods," Broom commented. "I have always been a huge admirer of his work and I am delighted to be designing this space in one of the most famous department stores in the world. I have enjoyed drawing on my fashion background and creating a magical space that has a real sense of drama and escapism."

Continuing the trend of other Christian Louboutin stores, Broom has drawn inspiration from the city in which the store is located, referencing the London landscape throughout the space. The shop within a shop, which sits within the eveningwear department at Harrods, has an intricate white fanned arch-way entrance reminiscent of Covent Garden Opera House, creating an impressive shop window. An installation of white street lamps are scattered around the shop floor and a surreal take on the tiled walls of the London underground display Louboutin's latest collections illuminated by light boxes. Paying homage to Big Ben, a giant etched glass clock face illuminates the space against the arched windows of the store.

The space features signature pieces from Lee Broom's collections including the Salon range, re-worked in patterned materials and new colours of deep purples, greys and dusky pinks. His celebrated Crystal Bulbs are also integrated within the store's private shopping room which sits behind a mirrored arch. The intimate private room includes a low seated lounge area and a dramatic red tiled wall - a signature colour for the brand. In the same space warm wood cabinet shelves create a cabinets of curiosity effect and display a selection of exceptional archive pieces from Louboutin's twenty year career. These are illuminated by Broom's celebrated, handmade Crystal Bulbs.

The shop front is reminiscent of a stage set design, creating a feeling of suspended reality. The sense of drama continues inside as Louboutin's signature style is seen through the use of the classic red carpet and beautiful arched niches in which the shoe collections are presented. Whilst creating a contemporary space, Broom draws on the traditional architecture of Harrods, keeping the moulded staccato detailed ceiling which immediately gives the store a sense of grandeur.

Broom's concept captures the spirit of Christian Louboutin whilst giving the space a quintessentially British twist. It celebrates Louboutin's theatricality, offering the customer a unique shopping experience.

Photos: Marcus Peel

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