The Pig Idea - Let Them Eat Waste

The Pig Idea: Let Them Eat Waste

BuroCreative has recently developed the name, identity and website for The Pig Idea, an initiative that aims to put food waste back on the menu for British pigs and lobby to change European law in the long-term. Launched on World Environment Day, The Pig Idea is headed by chef, Thomasina Miers and food waste expert from Feeding The 5000, Tristram Stuart.

Pigs are now being fed crops that people could otherwise eat, such as wheat, soy and maize. This increase in demand puts pressure on global food supplies, exacerbates global food price volatility, and contributes to global hunger.

The Pig Idea campaign wants to make sure that good food is never wasted. It aims to encourage more use of already legally permissible food waste as pig feed – for example, unsold bread, dairy, fruit and vegetables that are unfit for human consumption – by raising awareness and understanding of this option amongst supermarkets, food businesses, Animal Health officials and pig farmers.

"Humans have been recycling food waste by feeding it to pigs for thousands of years," explained Tristram Stuart, Founder of Feeding the 5000, author and campaigner on food waste. "Reviving this tradition will help to protect forests that are being chopped down to grow the millions of tonnes of soya we import from South America every year to feed our livestock."

Miers approached BuroCreative to get involved as creative partners and following their branding work for her award winning chain of sustainable Mexican street food restaurants, Wahaca.

"The Pig Idea tackles a complex issue. As such, our role was to provide an accessible entry point - something visually arresting and intriguing which encouraged further engagement," said Roly Grant, founding partner and creative director at BuroCreative. "There's always something compelling and satisfying about marques which demand a second look."

"The team at BuroCreative have managed to create a logo and website that brilliantly captures both the spirit and substantive message of The Pig Idea campaign: that for pigs to eat food waste is common sense as well as making economic and environmental sense," commented Stuart. "Demonstrating public support is key to this campaign, and their design team has provided the framework to do this. It's been inspiring working with such an insightful and creative team. I can't thank them enough."