Collateral for After the Jump

Collateral for After the Jump

On June 7, 2013, Sullivan and the Type Directors Club of New York, presented "After the Jump." A one-day symposium that brought together some of today's most inspiring industry leaders to discuss how technology affects human behavior and how those effects impact design and typography. Speakers included Jamie Neely, Lisa Strausfeld, Deroy Peraza, Oliver Reichenstein, Ian Lord, and Andy Mangold.

Producing the collateral for this event was a dream-project. Embracing the possibilities, we were inspired by the idea that a new era of typography, combining the craftsmanship of the past with a dynamic understanding of the digital, is upon us.

A fresh, Summery, RGB-like color palette and a 'responsive' series of morphing letterforms, drove home that typography's role is continuing to evolve.


Cassandra Zimmerman, Creative Director
Richard Smith, Creative Director
Jan Sabach, Design Director
Sarah Macreading, Designer
Typography: Typotheque Fedra Sans, Fedra Mono
Printing: Highroad Press

Sullivan NYC