2014 AME Awards for Advertising and Marketing Effectiveness

2014 AME Awards for Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness

The International AME Awards for Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness is now open for entries. The award honors campaigns that successfully demonstrate groundbreaking solutions to challenging marketing problems.

Alisun Armstrong, executive director of AME Awards, launched a new category for 2014, Social Video. The category update showcases exceptional work in the micro-video trend currently driving brand engagement, and will recognize content created by social-savvy brands using 6-second Vine and 15-second Instagram videos.

"We aim to keep the AME Awards on the forefront of both creative and technological industry trends," commented Ms. Armstrong.

"We're looking for good work that works. Winners must demonstrate brilliant and well-executed creative ideas that achieve the highest result for the brand, and will earn global recognition from a jury of their peers."

Social Video rounds out categories introduced last year that transformed the AME Awards: Sports Promotion, Branded Entertainment, Ebooks, Games, Pop-up Stores, Tablets, Low-budget, and Collateral and Print, as well as Social Benefit, which promotes peace, human rights, social consciousness, and a commitment to planetary stewardship.

The deadline for entries is October 31, 2013.

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