Field Trip App

Field Trip App

The new Field Trip app, available for iPhone and Android, now offers an inside look at the built environment in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Denver with premier audio content from the American Institute of Architects. The app runs in the background and when the user gets close to an architectural point-of-interest, it pops-up a written description and an audio interview with an AIA architect about the project.

"People love architecture and want to know more about it. This app brings them closer to the underlying reasons that shaped a project, voicing the architect's insights into its ultimate look and feel," commented AIA Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy, FAIA. "And hearing from the actual designer not only provides unique historical context to projects, but also helps brings buildings and spaces to life."

Field Trip allows architects to enhance their connection to the public, to demonstrate the value of good design and to promote physical engagement with urban environments.


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