MASH Flagship Store Beijing by 5 Star Plus Retail Design

MASH Flagship Store Beijing by 5 Star Plus Retail Design

5 Star Plus has created the flagship store of MASH, a stylish European fashion brand from Verona, Italy. MASH creates collections that are casual yet chic, with Italian sophistication apparent in the quality of materials, especially the detail of the garments and the overall design of the couture.

The store's design was inspired by a conceptual scheme provided by the Italian brand as well as the geographic environment of the fashion producer - the city of Verona. The main design goal was to use the store design to tell the brand's story and to create an easily recognizable connection to the city of Verona, in order to clearly distinguish MASH from its competitors in the local Chinese market.

The display areas for MASH Queen and MASH Uomo, the women's and men's fashion collections, were created as islands to the right and left side of the store with different flooring and wall finishes. While the space for MASH Queen has a more sophisticated feel thanks to dynamic display fixtures with slightly varying shelf heights and bright mosaic flooring, the area around Mash Uomo is more masculine, characterized by a used wooden floor and a three meters high custom-made casual display unit. The central floor space is kept in a neutral grey shade and is a reference to Verona's main river Adige, drawing customers to the store's back wall featuring arcades with abstract black-and-white views of the city. One of the arcades is open and leads to the fitting rooms.

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