1. The Shapery

    The Shapery

    Founded in 2018 by Robin Zwama and Beluccina Liu. The Shapery is a passionate team of experienced designers. Based in Shanghai, China we are close to manufacturers and have a close network of design professionals. This allows us to eagerly take any challenge.

    category Industrial Design Studios

  2. 5 Star Plus

    5 Star Plus

    5 Star Plus Retail Design is an Austrian interior design company working from Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna and Urumqi. The firm specializes in the branded design of retail stores and restaurants. Based on your brand's identity, we will design, implement and maintain the interior for any type of retail environment including flagships, boutiques, concept and lifestyle stores.

    category Retail Design Companies

  3. caisdesign


    caisdesign are an English, strategic product design and development company based in Hangzhou city, China. Managed with Western based design processes and staffed with Western and Chinese creatives, we merge the best of East + West to create a unique hybrid company, direction and philosophy.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  4. Bonaudi Design

    Bonaudi Design

    Bonaudi is an award-winning industrial design and manufacturing firm that offers a unique approach to add value to your enterprise, based on our flexibility to provide you a plan that can fit your budget, regardless of how big or small your firm is.

    category Industrial Design Companies



    UNIWOW is a dynamic product design and development company based in China. We emphasize artistic beauty of product design, user experience, product cost control as well as convenience of subsequent prototyping, tooling and production. With the rich experiences of serving different enterprises range from small business to Global 500, we take full account of engineering, prototyping and tooling from the very beginning of industrial design.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  6. OAD


    OAD is an interdisciplinary architecture firm that focuses on hotel & commercial projects. Our design team has developed a portfolio that also includes residential, retail, education, and mixed-use among others.

    category Architecture Companies

  7. blank

    Ask4Me Group

    Ask4Me Group is a Dutch Design Agency located in Guangzhou. In an international team we have developed products in China since 2006. We are specialized in concept development, CAD, sourcing, prototyping, casing design, design for assembly and matching our design concepts with the capabilities of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  8. Robarts Spaces

    Robarts Spaces

    Robarts Spaces is an architecture, interior design and engineering firm with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Established in 1996, the company is built around a credentialed and diverse group of over 100 professionals, including interior designers, architects, project managers, engineers and materials experts.

    category Architecture Companies

  9. XFORM


    XFORM is an industrial design firm working side by side with companies developing innovative products with an integrated approach. Design, Engineering and Marketing Services are fully integrated and directly related to each other. We provide a whole range of professional services: from concept development along with engineering and production, to web marketing strategies and branded communication.

    category Industrial Design Companies

  10. Design Code

    Design Code

    Design studio based in Shanghai with local and international experience, providing broad interior architecture services from corporate to hospitality design. Transforming how you work and live through beautiful, functional design is the core of what we do.

    category Interior Design Studios

  11. blank


    Kokaistudios is a firm founded in Venice in 2000 by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis with the dream to create a collaborative office of young and talented architects associated in the research of clever design answers to the demands of tomorrow.

    category Architectural Design Studios

  12. CHI Studio

    CHI Studio

    CHI is an independent studio based in Shanghai, China that combines global experience with a deep understanding of the Chinese marketplace. The studio's team is powered by a dynamic group of experienced and creative designers and branding experts with different specializations and multiple perspectives.

    category Branding Design Studios