Varoom 23 AfterWords - The Awards Issue

Varoom 23 AfterWords: The Awards Issue

We have reached a tipping point in our culture where imagery is no longer an extra bit of information to support the words already there, so how is illustration shaping a culture After Words?

AfterWords: The Awards issue spotlights a dramatic shift in our society and culture. In a world of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube our communication and interaction is shifting from words to images.

This unique, must-have issue reveals the best international award-winning images you'll need to see in 2013, including the Webbys, Angoulême Prix Revelation, V&A Illustration Awards, the BAFTA short animation winner, the Caldecott Medal winner and the AOI Illustration Awards.

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Varoom also talks to Jeremy Leslie about his new Visual Journalism book on magazines; Nick Sousanis reveals how he created his doctoral thesis as a Graphic Novel; Visual Editions Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen discuss how they are publishing new kinds of reading experiences, "We call it visual writing," and Lawrence Zeegen describes an eye-opening insight into illustration's future with Christoph Niemann's Petting Zoo app.

Angela Barrett's atmospheric illustration for Pride and Prejudice created for a Royal mail stamp, emphasising communication without words, graces the cover.


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