Smithsonian X 3D Explorer

Smithsonian X 3D Explorer

Smithsonian X 3D Explorer is an interactive 3D educational tool accessible to anyone via the web. Created by Autodesk exclusively for the Smithsonian, the tool democratizes access to prized specimens and to brings their stories to life.

3D technology is beginning to revolutionize museums in the same way it has revolutionized entertainment, manufacturing, and architecture, and the Smithsonian aims to be at the forefront of this transformation. The public can now experience priceless objects digitized by the Smithsonian like never before, from seeing "behind the glass" to holding 3D printed replicas.

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"Capturing digital 3D models of our vast and complex collections of artifacts is a major priority," commented Gunter Waibel, head of the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office. "Working with Autodesk we can now share our collections with more people than we could ever reach before. It is our hope that the Smithsonian X 3D Explorer will enhance education and research in ways we haven't even imagined."

The Smithsonian's X 3D Explorer's stunning 3D models of historic treasures and scientific specimens are available for anyone for free to view, study, interact, visually manipulate, and share. Many of the 3D models are available to download for personal and educational use, including the ability to produce physical objects using 3D printing. For example, classrooms around the globe can now work with educational replicas of these artifacts, and hopefully encourage further interest students to explore the vast collections of science, technology, engineering and anthropology that is captured at the Smithsonian.