Why? Rebrands Unilever's Lux Line

Why? Rebrands Unilever's Lux Line

Why? has recently rebranded LUX, one of the body wash brands in the personal care category of Unilever.

LUX is a heritage brand that is delighting more than 600 million women each day with its beauty products. The task of Why? Brand Design was to bring to life the new "Fine Fragrance Skin Treats" brand positioning, by metamorphosing LUX into a beauty icon that contemporary women would identify with.

The usage of flowers as the main design element conveys the delicate scents of the LUX range products while shifting the brand into a more premium and feminine world. The rebranding experience is completed by a new bottle shape that achieves a double objective of expressing elegance and reducing the environmental footprint with a lesser use of material.

The result is not only a visually striking range of SKUs, but also a series that exudes the different personalities of modern women, connecting with them on an emotional level.

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