Gadi Amit Talks Wearables and Interface at PD+I 2014

Gadi Amit Talks Wearables and Interface at PD+I 2014

Gadi Amit, founder and principal designer of NewDealDesign, will deliver a keynote at PD+I 2014 on wearables and the disappearing interface.

Under the overriding theme "How to make stuff happen," Gadi's keynote speech entitled "Wearables and Interface - Not So Simple" takes a look at the advent of small, body-worn technologies and the opportunities and challenges presented with interactivity.

Gadi certainly speaks from experience, with projects including the Fitbit line of wearable devices, the Ara Modular Phone, the Lytro Light Field Camera, TYLT Devices, Whistle & Sproutling. Gadi was also named a 'Master of Design' in 2010 and alongside his team has received over 100 design awards.

"I've visited PD+I for the last three years and it is always wonderful to meet the UK's design community and see how people worldwide understand design. It's a great opportunity to share opinions, insights and information," Gadi commented.

"Wearables are a complex topic. With experience in designing these items for some of the most prominent players in the market, I've witnessed a lot of opportunities, but many difficulties too. Usability is key, and users need to easily understand how to interact with a device and how to live with an object on their body. I'm looking forward to coming to London for PD+I 2014 to offer my advice and insights on working with wearables."