MoMA Design Store Unveils Kickstarter Collection

MoMA Design Store Unveils Kickstarter Collection

In honor of NYCxDesign, the MoMA Design Store is launching a new collection in partnership with Kickstarter. MoMA will be retailing 24 new designs from 20 designers from all over the world, beginning May 13th through June 16th.

With 24 new products made by 20 international designers, the Kickstarter@MoMAStore line spans all categories. From robots to wall hooks, toy cars to clocks, each of the products was conceptualized, funded and created with the community support of Kickstarter.

"We were inspired to pursue this project because so many of the most impressive, new and innovative products we have been finding lately kept leading us back to Kickstarter," commented Emmanuel Platt, the Director of Merchandising at The Museum of Modern Art. "It became clear that Kickstarter is an important new way for Good Design to come into being, and we wanted to celebrate that."

One of these products, available exclusively through MoMA Design Store, is the Present Clock. Designer and filmmaker Scott Thrift created it as a response to the rapid pace of modern life, where hours, days, months and seasons fly by too quickly to mark. His Present Clock takes a full year to make one circuit. Because it moves so slowly, going through color fields inspired by the season, the clock suggests a staying of time - and encourages reflection and repose.

Also a part of the collection, the Toymail Mailmen are a new breed of smart toys, allowing children to stay connected to family and friends far away through voice messages. Gauri Nanda and Audry Hill wanted to develop technology for children that was meaningful and fun, but without screens. Using a simple app on a smartphone, adults can record and leave messages for kids that can be played in their own voices or through the mailman's silly voice, connecting them without computers or tablets.

Toymail Mailmen - using a free app, adults can send children little messages and reminders throughout the day that can be delivered in their own voice or in the mailman's silly voice

PowerSlayer Phone Charger Kit - the charger stops charging phones once they are fully charged, rather than continuing to drain the battery until it is unplugged

Gigs2Go - made from recycled paper pulp, this palm-sized collection of four tear-away thumb drives makes it easy to share up to 8 gigabytes of music, movies, photos, and more on the go

Projecteo Slide Projector - capturing the warmth and nostalgia of viewing treasured memories through an old-fashioned slide carousel, Projecteo is a pocket-sized slide projector that transforms Instagram pictures into personalized slideshows that can be shared with family and friends

Bike Strap - the leather bicycle handle makes carrying your ride over obstacles, up the stairs, and on the train fast, safe, and easy

Chineasy - groundbreaking and fun approach to learning the language that transforms key Chinese characters into whimsical pictograms for easy recall and comprehension

3-D Bulb Lamp - from the Israeli Studio Cheha, the visually surprising flat LED lamp is composed of an acrylic sheet which is laser engraved into a classic bulb silhouette and covered with dozens of intricate incised lines that suggest dimensionality and bulbous form of archetypal light bulbs. When inserted into the wooden birch wood base, LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion that challenges our comprehension of space

Carpenter Watch - the first soft-strapped watch made of all-natural wood