FloWater - Reimagining the Water Cooler

FloWater: Reimagining the Water Cooler

24 billion 'single use' plastic water bottles, in the United States, pollute our landfills, rivers, lakes and oceans every year.

FloWater is a premium water bottle refill station whose design attracts and inspires consumers to use a smart, simple and sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water.

With seven stages of filtration and enhancement, FloWater's technological advancement in water development is reflected in the station's visual design utilizing form, color and lighting.

"The intent of the unit was to create a refill station that would empower consumers to use refillable water bottles more and reduce the amount of plastic that they would otherwise be thrown away," explained Lance Hussey RKS Creative Director and Principal.

From the height of the station's controls to the slanted roof top, FloWater was designed to be both simple and accessible for all users both.

The unit's natural, intuitive and high level aesthetics reflect the premium quality and taste of the purest water that humans can make.

The FloWater logo mark depicts a waterfall which, in many cultures, is a representation of the beauty and power of the most precious resource on the planet.

The mark communicates FloWater's function and purity by implying a stream emanating from the unit's nozzle using negative space.

"By depicting FloWater with large bold shapes, the mark articulates the power of the product and its courageous promise to make bottled water a thing of the past," commented Ben Hickman, RKS Lead Graphic Designer.