Journal of Landscape Architecture Plus

Journal of Landscape Architecture Plus

The University of Pennsylvania School of Design has launched Landscape Architecture Plus (LA++), an interdisciplinary design journal.

Published twice yearly, each issue of the journal explores a theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, provoking new modes of creative inquiry and practice.

"We wanted to produce something completely different to the usual landscape design journal-which generally just features designers talking to other designers-and truly embrace the rhetoric that landscape architecture is an interdisciplinary field," explained Dr. Tatum L. Hands, Editor-in-Chief.

"LA+ aims to reveal connections and build collaborations between landscape architecture and other disciplines."

The journal's inaugural issue, LA+ WILD, to be released in Spring 2015, explores the concept of WILD and its role in design, large-scale habitat and species conservation, scientific research, the human psyche and aesthetics.


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