Mormedi Designs New Sogerma Business Class Seat

Mormedi Designs New Sogerma Business Class Seat

Mormedi designed the new Sogerma Business Class seat, Solstys III, a 26 inch wide, dynamic and optimized seat with a 76 inch long bed. It provides a spacious in seat experience for the passenger together with increased storage space, enhanced privacy and improved access, while also affording a more spacious feel to the overall cabin.

When Mormedi started to develop this new Business Class seat, the main challenge consisted in creating a design that provided clear improved comfort points while respecting technical and budget restrictions. An early investigation phase allowed Mormedi to gain key insights into the characteristics of different seat products and the experience quality and competitive advantage they afford to the respective airlines. On this basis, Mormedi was able to identify strategic areas of improvement with the goal to create a product that could compete successfully in the market place.

Seat quality was evaluated by applying a comprehensive framework of criteria that covered not only the passenger interest in seat comfort, privacy, IFE, access etc. but also the point of view of other important stakeholders such as the concerns of the airline (easy installation and maintenance, certification), seat manufacturer (manufacturing assembly, differentiated product) and aircraft manufacturer (plug and play solutions, capacity management, fast reconfiguration).

Mormedi worked in close collaboration with the Sogerma engineering team on several cycles of design iterations, including full size high fidelity prototyping.


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