MPC Illuminates Ralph Lauren Polo 4D Fashion Show in Central Park

MPC Illuminates Ralph Lauren Polo 4D Fashion Show in Central Park

To announce their new Polo for Women Spring '15 collection, Ralph Lauren teamed up with MPC to create a cinematic 4D experience for a revolutionary runway event: a water-screen projection that towered above Manhattan's Central Park fusing fashion, art, and technology.

Ralph Lauren Polo models - appearing like beautiful mirages using four-story-tall holographic effects - wore outfits embracing the eclectic spirit of the brand, mixing the edge of New York and Paris, and the sunset colors and patterns of the Adirondacks. They were framed by a perfect cityscape that paid homage to New York landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the High Line, complementing the downtown sensibility that inspires this new brand.

"I really wanted to do something big for the new Polo Women's brand - something set in the city - that felt modern," said Ralph Lauren. "We returned to Central Park, a place I love, and captured the spirit of Polo with a truly innovative mix of fashion and technology."

The high-resolution images were beamed onto a water screen that measured 60 feet tall and 150 feet wide. Mixing live- action movement and CG, the runway presentation was a short film that featured models visiting the streets and icons of a hyper-real New York. Multiple elements of each shot were captured simultaneously to generate the incredible 4D effects.

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