MPC Creative Opens AICP Next Awards with Evocative Short Film

MPC Creative Opens AICP Next Awards with Evocative Short Film

MPC Creative created the short opening film for the 2017 AICP Next Awards presentation. The film was a visual representation of the prestigious competition's search for new and unexplored forms of communication. Written, directed, produced and finished by the team at MPC Creative, the film stars a curious visitor to this world, treading the darkened streets of a nameless city at night, representing the Next Awards winners.

As the film unfolds, the visitor explores a set of recognizable urban landscapes made unfamiliar as he searches. Remaining ambiguous behind his helmet, the figure serves as an avatar for the creative journey that all Next winners must take before arriving at their destinations.

The AICP Next Awards recognizes outstanding work and the creative forces behind it while serving as a platform for thought leadership and analysis by those pushing boundaries and raising the bar higher on marketing content. The campaigns and single executions it honors are on the leading edge of harnessing all types of media and technology to communicate a brand's message. It was from this mission that the film's creation took shape.

A collaboration between MPC Creative's New York-based Creative Directors Alan Bibby, Andrei Juradowitch and Rob Petrie, the opening was directed by Juradowitch and produced by Executive Producer Dan Sormani and Ryan Creighton, Head of Live Action Production. In addition to the opening title sequence, MPC Creative also created the entire package for the night, designing all the on-screen graphics and title cards for the event and the interstitial pieces that introduced the various categories and segments.

The opening title sequence features an original music track composed and produced by Antfood, an award-winning Brooklyn-based music and sound design studio.


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